Our Commitment


Infrastructure development and construction can inevitably have some impact on the surrounding environment. Here at Lorma Constructions, we aim to minimise these impacts and ensure we operate in an environmentally sustainable way, whilst contributing to the long-term development of surrounding communities.

Environmental Management Plan & Implementation

Lorma Constructions has compiled an Environmental Management Plan and Implementation (EMPI) strategy that outlines the steps to be taken to minimise the environmental impacts of our construction activities. It is our goal to pro-actively encompass all operations in the EMPI, with specific focus on highway constructions. This plan identifies the monitoring requirements throughout our projects and puts corrective measures in place to limit and avoid our operations’ effect on the environment.

Part of this plan also encompasses our responsibility to surrounding communities. We make certain our plans are clearly communicated to local communities and ensure our operations are sensitive to cultural requirements and locations. Our projects provide employment and training opportunities to the local people and also promote social inclusion for community groups in project activities.

These standards and strategies allow us to successfully manage the unique environmental challenges for each or our projects and allow us to further our community initiatives.


Lorma Constructions is dedicated to the well being of our staff. Therefore, providing and promoting a safe workplace is of the utmost importance to us. We have a clear and comprehensive safety plan in place that communicates and enforces strict policies, procedures and programs so both our people and our customers are protected at all times.

Safety is at the core of our culture
Our culture of safety starts at the top, with all Lorma Constructions employees accountable for their safety and the safety of others. This message is emphasised within the office and during operations on site to consistently reinforce safe behaviour, encourage safety improvements and ensure accidents are avoided.

In order to achieve this, we provide clear systems for:

  • Safety training;
  • Accident investigation and reporting;
  • First aid and medical procedures;
  • Workplace health and safety requirements;
  • Risk mitigation; and
  • Protocols for the safe use of equipment.

Overall, our vision is to achieve the highest level of safety in our industry and an injury-free workplace, whereby Lorma Constructions’ employees, contractors and clients enjoy a safe and healthy workplace each and every day.

Quality Management

Lorma Constructions advocates the policy of self-regulation and is committed to the development and implementation of an effective quality management plan that contributes to the successful completion of all engaged projects. It is the objective of the directors of Lorma Constructions to complete the projects on time, producing work that is of premium quality and within budget.

Quality Assurance

To ensure that Lorma Constructions delivers a world class product as a contractor, we operate under a quality assurance framework that conforms to ISO 9001 standards.

The framework includes a series of quality checks at each step in the project life cycle to ultimately ensure a high quality product is delivered within specified timeframes and budgets according to the requirements of our customers.

This includes work methods, testing procedures, construction material procurement, materials extraction procedures, and quality and detailed methodology for all activities.

Our policy is to provide these services in a manner that both satisfies the needs and expectations of our clients and adheres to relevant regulatory and statutory requirements. Relevant information and knowledge is captured and made available across the company, building up an internal resource hub.

Quality Management Plan

Lorma Constructions’ quality management plan details each step in the project development process and the processes the company takes to maintain the quality of its products and services.
Key personnel, including the company Directors, oversee a series of checks, approvals and testing conducted throughout each step of the project. The system is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that best project practices and methodologies are being implemented.

Quality Testing

We are committed to providing a quality product for our clients, including the provision of materials that conform to international standards. Lorma Constructions operate a materials testing laboratory which is accredited under the Papua New Guinea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (PNGLAS).
Inhouse testing facilities are utilised for all project material compliance tests in line with Australian Standards. The provision of regular testing of materials is carried out to monitor quality levels throughout the project and to ensure the end product will stand the test of time.